10A070 11/11/18 by Jim Davies, 11/11/2010

Ninety two years ago today the shooting stopped at 11 am following an armistice signed at the end of the slaughter of WW-1. The exhausted survivors were mainly French, German and British but in the final year of that disaster American soldiers too had fought well, and 117,465 of them never came home. The death count is detailed here and can be summarized as follows:

Russians 3,311,000
Austrians 1,567,000
Germans 2,476,897
Italians 1,240,000
French 1,697,800
British 994,138
Others 5,256,350
Total 16,543,185

Memorials throughout Europe declare, usually in Latin to increase credibility, that Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori - but that is another black, sadistic government lie. It is not sweet or noble, but brutal and sordid, to die in war; and it isn't for one's "country", family, friends or neighbors, but for one's government.

Historians account well for its ending, and sometimes for its disastrous aftermath (the Versailles "peace agreement" that was imposed on the Germans, who were bled dry first) which led almost directly to an even bloodier replay 21 years later. But not its beginning; Barbara Tuchman's The Guns of August is more a chronicle than an explanation.

Little wonder: there was no reason WW-1 should have begun. Governments throughout the Continent had for decades competed for a balance of power, and an early version of "Mutual Assured Destruction" - MAD - was formed as a series of interlocking alliances; if A attacks B, C will come to B's aid, then D to A's, etc. Allegedly designed to prevent war, the agreement itself was the only cause of the war. Its origin was that the governments existed to sign it, and the above table records the price.

When a zero government society has been implemented here, I believe it will rapidly spread worldwide. After it does, such catastrophes will never recur. To work for its early arrival is therefore the best possible memorial we can construct to honor the memory of American Veterans.

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