10A058 Lethal Packets by Jim Davies, 10/30/2010

Yesterday flights were disrupted by the news that bombs had been found ready for two Chicago-bound cargo planes, from England and Dubai, and Mr Obama was on TV telling us what a good job his Homeland Security people are doing and how it's so important to continue the intensive scrutiny of travelers. We can note that the DHS actually did nothing except to receive tips from Saudi intelligence; in other words, the perps had a spy on board. Let's hope he stays healthy.

Details are still few, but it seems Muslims in Yemen were hoping to kill Jews at two Chicago synagogues . No doubt they also hoped to spoil the smooth running of urgent goods shipped by air, and in that they succeeded. From now on, such freight will receive extra scrutiny, so delaying arrival and raising costs and eventually prices, so reducing our standard of living and increasing harassment by our own government - something it never regrets. Nice people, those Muslims; but we must not forget their motivation.

Religious hatred may be part of it; Muslims hate Jews, just as some Christians hate other Christians; in the last half-century certain Roman Catholics in Ulster regularly killed Protestants and vice versa, and set off bombs in crowded places so as to terrorize the population. The conflict was certainly political as well as religious - a question of rule from Dublin or London, as if it really mattered - but religious hatred was its mainspring and on the Protestant side, the preacher Ian Paisley was its inspiration. Part of the fragile settlement which currently holds was to elevate that villain to the nobility.

Robert Ingersoll wrote in 1885, "Throne and altar are twins, two vultures from the same egg." Religion and rule fit together quite nicely, distracting folk from the plain fact that we each own our selves, so should be ruled by nobody else at all.

The bomb-senders in Yemen, even so, have a legitimate gripe; infidel armies are occupying two Muslim countries and are heavily involved in a third (Pakistan) and such interference has been going on a long time and is linked to US support for the Israeli State which displaced Palestinians. Their hostility will continue until that interference is removed. It is being continued in large part because of powerful influence of American Jews on the US Government, so the solution to all of this is not to increase surveillance and warfare, but to terminate that influence.

That's best done not by loosening the Jewish grip on the levers of power, but by removing the levers. Then, there won't be any for anybody else to grip.

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