10A033 How Cool is That! by Jim Davies, 9/29/2010

The Bilderbergers are smart, rich and influential; no doubt of it. Some think they also own and operate the world's governments, and about that I have a lot of doubt. They meet privately. In June, they met in Spain. They published only their agenda; and that did include one remarkable word.

According to James Delingpole in Monday's London Daily Telegraph, that word was "cooling." As in, "Global Cooling."

Three possibilities apply. One, it was a printer's error, which he notes. Two, it was deliberate because the Bilderbergers know quite well that there is a body of opinion that sees them as puppeteers and they decided to have some fun at its expense; ie, it was a joke. Or three, they really did discuss not a rise, but a measured fall in global temperatures and what its implications may be.

If the planet is getting cooler, we have all been hornswaggled by every government on Earth for the past decade, so this revelation will add yet another reason to do away with the lot of them. So, what are the facts?

Not too easy to come by, because it's hard to measure the average temperature of the whole world. How would you do it? At least there have been accurate thermometers for the past century. To see temps much earlier than that, one must "reconstruct" them, and the nearby chart shows ten such reconstructions for the past millennium; an enlargement is shown here. Notice: the ten experts show variations as big as the increase alleged for the last century (because of that intrinsic measurement difficulty) and that increase coincides with the availability of better thermometers. In other words, we're comparing a more-accurate set of data with a necessarily less-accurate set, and so there may not be any actual increase at all. Or, there may; the point is, it's not certain. Even less understood is what caused it, if there is.

Andrew Barr of the University of Alabama has produced this chart showing that over the past 30 years, global tropospheric temperatures have actually turned down, not up at all - so again, the data is hardly uniform and conclusive. In any case, what do we even mean by a "global" temperature? The variations shown in these graphs is of the order of 1C or less, and where I live that kind of change happens when a cloud moves across the sun. Are there thermometers placed at (say) 100,000 locations across the planet, oceans and Antarctica included, each accurately calibrated? Hardly. Yet government "scientists" have been calling for panic policies based on the claim that they can make dead-accurate predictions from intrinsically inaccurate measurements.

In November 2009 a hacker broke open a file of emails sent within the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University, showing that some of those government scientists knew quite well that the whole Global Warming hysteria was based on very shaky ground, and Delingpole's account of that too makes excellent reading. Now, unless their printer erred or they were joking, it seems the Bilderbergers know it too.

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