10A009 Dump the Pols by Jim Davies, 8/16/2010

The trash dump in my town (oops! - Transfer Station) is a great place to meet politicians. Whenever they want votes, they come there and say Hello to others bringing their garbage. One approached me yesterday, with an offer of a campaign brochure, but I told him No thanks, I don't vote, for that would require me to endorse the system. Since in my judgment the system is the primary cause of human misery, I wish not to endorse but to... trash it.

Like the skillful Pol he is, he didn't argue, but just moved on to a softer target. Later however we met again, and I suggested a read of my Primary Day in the Trash, written a few years back about a comparable encounter. I also obtained his agreement that his life was his own property, and added that he owned his own life but not mine - and nor did any of his Pol friends. "All right," he said, and moved away - again, in search of someone more pliant.

It's really interesting to me that when challenged on the very core of government theory - who has the right to own, operate and govern a human life - these political people have no coherent answer to give. That being so, they just continue in the hope that nobody even thinks of asking such awkward, fundamental questions. Unfortunately, most people don't.

That is going to change.

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